Past Works

Strawberry Earrings

Gold Accented Moon 

Skull Heart

Skull Heart

Blue Accented Moon Medallion

Moon Medallion and Lanyard

Gucci Gal

Snake & Rose phone stand collection


Red Rose Patch

Still Not Asking For It - Fundraising Medallion Patch


Rose Rainbow Pins


Super Mario Pin Collection 


Fry and Bender

Four Directions Moon Medallion

Aliens and Rainbows

Galaxy Moon Medallion

Galaxy Continued Moon Medallion

Purple and Gold Moon Medallion 

Blue Moon Medallion with Stars

Sunflower Earrings

Moon Phase Earrings (Blue) with tassels 

Moon Phase Earrings (silver) with tassels

Life After Death Jacket Patch

Snow Sparkle Moon Medallion

Who Let The Dogs Out?? Pin Collection 

DOT (Friends of Dorothy) Collection 

Gold Moon Medallion 

 Christopher CROSBY Farley 

Gold Moon Medallion 

Winter Galaxy Moon Medallion 

Beaded Vulvas

Mourning Roses

Blue Moons Medallion 

Ancestors - Space Scene

Kissing Mickey and Minnie 

Winged Relations - Backyard Birds Collection 

Floral Hoops

White Rose Patch

Rainbow Rose Pins

Dead Head Moth Patch

Purple and Blue Moon Medallion 

Pastel Marshmallow Skull Pins

Bleeding Heart Berry and Dagger 

 Blue Metallic Moon Phases Medallion and Earrings

Fire Flower Phone Stands


Skull Patches